Online International Baccalaureate (IB) English Tutor in Tokyo

There are many students in Tokyo who are studying to take a bilingual diploma.The absence of English speaking online tutors for IB subjects may however be a common struggle. Here at EDUBAL, we can support you through online English tutoring from returnees and IB graduates. This page introduces the offers that we, as EDUBAL, can make for students who look for English IB tutors.

Online tutoring for those who don’t want go to cram school! Characteristics of our IB Courses!

IB Graduates teach in English

At EDUBAL, carefully selected IB graduates teach online. During the one-on-one sessions, you will be able to ask questions regarding your class or go through other IB specific subjects in English. As a graduate of the same curriculum, the tutors will be able to support you in any IB related matter.


Online classes, wherever you are!

Online tutoring at EDUBAL is available to you, wherever you are as long as you have your computer with you. We introduce tutors from various fields to fulfill your needs.

Outline of our Online Tutoring

The interactive nature of tutoring will allow you, to progress smoothly.


To take our classes, you will need a computer, an online connection and three additional devices.

1.Headset・・・A device to allow voice communication
2.Webcam・・・To allow video calls
3.Overhead-cam・・・・A camera to display notes and textbooks.

Regarding all three devices, EDUBAL is able to lend them for free.
(shipping fees are included. However, we will not be liable for any custom fees applied due to international shipping. )
Therefore, as long as you have a computer at home, you have everything you need to participate in our courses.

IB Course Subjects

IB Physics, IB Chemistry, IB Biology, IB Economics, IB Japanese( including self-taught), IB Math, TOK, EE, etc. we will support you in your needs. Feel free to get in touch.


English A Literature SL/HL
English A Language and Literature SL/HL
Japanese A Literature SL/HL
Japanese A Language and Literature SL/HL
Independent Self-Taught Language A Literature SL
English B SL/HL
Japanese B SL/HL
History SL/HL
Business SL/HL
Economics SL/HL
Psychology SL/HL
Philosophy SL/HL
Biology SL/HL
Physics SL/HL
Chemistry SL/HL
Design Technology SL/HL
Mathematics SL/HL
Mathematical Studies SL
Mathematics:Applications and interpretation SL/HL
Mathematics: Analysis and approaches SL/HL
Visual Arts SL/HL
Music SL/HL
Core subjects(Bonus points)
Theory of knowledge(TOK)
Extended Essay(EE)


IB Course Fees

Entrance fee:¥18,000(Tax excluded)

Trial lesson fee:¥5,000(Tax excluded)

Tutoring fee:60min ¥6,500(Tax excluded)
Monthly tutoring fee ( 1 session per week x4 ) =¥26,000(Tax excluded)

※ We require students to take at least 1 session per week in order to assure effectiveness. Thank you for your understanding.

Experience our trail lesson for free! Experience our service to see if it fits with you.

IB Course Tutors

Our IB course tutors are currently enrolled to Waseda University, Keio University, Sophia University and other high-ranked institutions. Throughout their academic careers they experienced education in various places and examinations in many fields. This experience and the IB related background as a commonality, allows us therefore to support you in your struggle.

  • ● Mai Okamoto(Keio University / Political Science course in the Faculty of Law)

    Experience living abroad USA 5 years/UK 3 years 

    Course offer History SL, Math SL, Japanese HL/SL, English B HL

    【Tutor’s message】
    The most important tip to survive the IB is to revise the syllabus thoroughly after classes and before exams. Using my experience as an IB student, I will guide you through textbooks, check essays, and support you to meet your goals in high school.


まずは お問い合わせ からご依頼、ご相談ください。


電話受付 平日10:00~21:00 (日本時間)

自宅学習サポートバナー エデュバル無料メルマガの魅力

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